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Picture windows are large, fixed windows that give the appearance of framing outdoor scenery. Since picture windows are non-operational, they are commonly paired with windows that are. Picture windows, due to their size, allow in a lot of warm, natural light and views that are expansive. Additionally, picture windows are more energy-efficient than operating windows of comparable size because they lack moving parts.

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A series fixed picture aluminum windows


A series aluminum profile series has been designed to offer outstanding insulation properties with Uf values up to 0.15. This profile also supports a great OITC rating. A86 profile allows for extremely large glazing designs. The system range fits perfectly with our curtain walling and framing products and is appropriate for installation in both residential and commercial buildings.

C series fixed picture aluminum windows


This system is designed for windows with high thermal insulation parameters. High efficiency was achieved by applying special thermal inserts slid between thermal separators and around the glass pane. For those who value time and simplicity, we recommend using an additional Nailing Flange profile. The special fin is designed for simple and quick installation.

available systems

Benefits of Aluminum windows

It depends on the type of window you replace and your climate. Energy Star studies show double-pane versus single-pane windows can reduce energy costs by 21% to 31%

Our windows are made from aluminum, which makes them solid, efficient, and durable.
Aluminum is naturally strong and secure, incredibly lasting, and requires minimal maintenance, all of which lead to a component that is designed to last many years.

About aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows have been a popular choice for home and commercial building owners for decades. Their durability, energy-efficiency, low maintenance, and affordability make them an ideal choice for any structure. Aluminum windows are strong, lightweight, and durable. They are also resistant to corrosion, which makes them ideal for areas with high humidity or salt exposure.

Available glazings


Used where no thermal barrier is needed, especially indoors.


Standard window and balcony door glazing with increased efficiency starting with Ug as low as 0.18.


Passive house high efficient energy saving, increased security and decrease of noise.


Passive house ultra standard. The highest efficiency in savings and decreasing noise.

technical specs


 A seriesC seriesS seriesSteelWood
Thermal Uw values up to0.
Passive option 
Hidden sash  
Nailing Flange  

Max dimensions of
single panel
(in inches)
Fixed window142 x 110142 x 110142 x 110110 x 9871 x 98 ½
Operable window67 x 11859 x 10259 x 10255 x 90 ½55 x 67
Swing doors55 x 11859 x 10650 ½ x 9735 ½ x 94 ½43 ½ x 98 ½
Sliding doors130 x 126157 ½ x 157½118 x 106128 x 106
Range of glazing panes1 – 41 – 32 – 41 – 32 – 3


• Wide range of acoustic and security glazing possibilities
• 260 color options
• Powder coating with smooth or textured finish


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