Pivot doors

maximum comfort and security

Pivot doors are created to have a particularly sleek appearance.
These doors rotate on a well designed pivot as opposed to swinging on a hinge. They create a strong, modern statement and are ideal for real design enthusiasts while allowing substantial architectural freedom with numerous design variants and scoring high on energy-efficiency.

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Available door panels

A series

ER series

h series

VY series

About our pivot door systems

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Glass Pivot doors
Villa Sotogrande Golf-11
Panel Pivot doors

Our pivot doors can be very big, accommodating variety of configurations including sidelights and transoms. They can be built from custom panels or glazed with double or triple insulated glass. The quality construction and robust design of our pivot doors make them a simple and elegant option for any home.

One of the main advantages of choosing a pivot door over a casement door is that it requires less opening clearance space. The ability to hide the exterior frames within the building finishes, for a remarkably modest appearance, is another reason why many people favor pivot doors.

The system can hold heavier glass modules, making them perfect for triple glazing and wider structural openings. This is  possible by the way the weight is distributed and the specifically developed pivoting mechanisms.

opening types

Pivot outswing

Pivot inswing

Modern Loft Design

offers excellent thermal and acoustic performance along with minimalistic sightlines and high burglar resistance

Zero Threshold Option

Entrance without boundaries, even with continuous flooring.
Combines safety and comfort.
Door Slab Width               
Pivot Placement
42″ – 44″4″
45″ – 47″6″
48″ – 53″9″
54″ – 60″12″
61″ – 66″15″
67″ – 70″18″
71″ – 74″21″
75″ – 80″24″
81″ – 86″30″
How the door will swing

We are prepared to build jambs so the door could swing out to the external, even though you will almost always want a door, that swings into the interior (in-swing).

The layout of your installation site will determine whether your swing is a right- or left-hand swing.
Consider looking at the door from the street to identify whether it is a left-hand or right-hand in-swing.
It is a left-hand in-swing if the pivot point is on the left side.
The door is a right-hand in-swing if the pivot point is on the right-hand side.

Product Brochure

Eco A104E Passive

Get all benefits of EcoWindows system


technical specs

Thermal insulation Uf

from 1,3 W/(m2K)
Air tightness window
class 4
class 4A
Wind tightness
class C3

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