S80 - PVC S Series

The perfect solution for saving energy

Eco S80 is based on a 6-chamber technology. Excellent thermal insulation properties and narrow face widths in three different vent contours are the distinctive features of this system. An extensive range of accessories ensures a high level of system security.The two drainage levels guarantee an optimum protection against wind, rain and noise. Profiles can be coloured with a large selection of single colour and woodgrain decorative foils – possible different colors on inside and outside.

● Uw value = 0.13 Btu/(h⋅ft2⋅°F)
● center gasket system with three sealing
● levels for increased burglar resistance
● design variety in the sash (recessed classic-line | semi-recessed classic-line, soft-line , round-line)
● tested burglar resistance class RC2
● concealed drainage is possible
● excellent sound insulation up to noise
● additional Nailing Flange profile for easy installation

Depth of frame3 1/4
Depth with leaf4
Glazing rangeup to 2 1/16
Maximum size (W×H)59 1/16 x 102 3/8
Max weight154 lbs



Thermal permeability of the frame Uf0,90 – 0,76 W/m2.K
Thermal permeability of glass Ug1,1 – 0,5 W/m2.K
Total transfer heat  Uw0.21 W/m2.K
The seven closed air chambers inside the frame profile ensure maximum thermal insulation efficiency, which was previously unthinkable without costly additional measures. The patented combined construction of plastic and aluminum reinforces the profiles so effectively that the steel reinforcements used in conventional profiles can be completely omitted. The removal of these “thermal bridges” significantly increases the insulation performance of these frame profiles.
The window made of Alu Inside profile, which is fitted with heavy triple glazing, has a comparable weight as a window with steel reinforcement, which is fitted with lighter double glaze.


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