A Structural Efect

Semistructural mullion/transom curtain wall

The EFECT system is used for the construction of lightweight curtain walls of a hanging and filling type as well as roofs, skylights, and other spatial constructions.

Efect is a façade that provides a uniform external appearance of a smooth glass wall divided by the structure of vertical and horizontal lines of 2 cm, thanks to the use of a special system for fixing panes to mullions and transoms. The gaps between glass fields of the façade are filled with a special silicon binder to ensure high tightness of the construction and enhance its insulation properties. 


  • ● angle joints enabling the free shaping of aluminum structures
  • ● posts and beams with ‘sharp’ edges, allowing construction of curtain wall supporting structures with the appearance of a uniform truss
  • ● aesthetic curtain wall varieties and a number of lining profiles of various shapes providing multiple curtain wall appearances
  • ● a large choice of curtain wall opening elements: windows and doors of various types, including skylight windows and windows integrated with the curtain wall, as well as tilt and parallel opening windows
  • ● a wide glazing range along with the availability of insulators and accessories, allowing a high level of curtain wall thermal insulation
  • ● the possibility of bending profiles and creating curved structures


Depth of frame2 3/8
Depth of leaf2 3/4
Glazing rangeframe: up to 1 5/8
sash: up to 2

Size & Weight Limitations

Maximum size (H×W)H to 94 1-2 W to 49
Max weight lbs286
Air Permeabilityae 1200, eN 12152
WatertightnessRe 1500, eN 12154
Windload resistance2,4 kN/m², eN 13116
Thermal insulation (Uf)from 1,0 W/(m²K)


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