Fingerprint scanner

fingerprint scanner system that makes doors smart

Integrate building access to the world of smart homes. Ekey fingerprint scanning technology combines smart experiences with comfort and security. The reader can be mounted anywhere on the door panel or on the door sash. Open your front door simply with your finger.

Enter a new era of biometric access systems now!

door pulls with integrated ekey

All you need is a finger!

Simply open the door with your finger – without a key, smartphone, code or card. Be it for running, cycling, inline skating or when the dog urges you outside: Enjoy the freedom to just take off. No more worrying about your kids, parents or neighbors losing a key. With ekey dLine fingerprint scanners, you no longer need to pass on your key, because you simply authorize those people who need access to your home. Lost keys are a problem of the past.

The highest security

ekey guarantees the highest standard in the security of its products against misuse and unauthorized access to the access system. With the ekey dLine fingerprint scanner, only authorized persons can open the door. The ekey dLine fingerprint scanner is 1,000 times more secure than the 4-digit numerical code of an ATM card.



Remote opening

With the ekey dLine, you can conveniently unlock the door with your smartphone while on the move. This way you can open the door for your handyman even if you are still on your way home. Spontaneously unlock for your friend to lend him the pressure washer – even if you are on vacation. Be sure you can let someone into the house if necessary.



Push notifications

No more uncertainty! You will automatically receive a message on your smartphone as soon as the door is unlocked. This is handy in many everyday situations, but especially with children. Thanks to the push notification, you can be sure that your child got home from school safe and sound.

Virtual assistant

You’re expecting friends to visit, but you’ve got your hands full right now. You don’t have to rush to the door when the bell rings. A quick “Alexa, open the door!” is all it takes and your guests can enter the house. To do this, simply connect the ekey dLine with the Alexa virtual assistant from Amazon.

technical specs

4-segment light ring for optical signaling.


• Brightness can be continuously adjusted or switched off. Buzzer for acoustic signaling (coming soon).
• Volume can be continuously adjusted or switched off. One model for door handle and door leaf.

Supply voltage: 12–24 VDC
Dimensions W x H x D: 22.5 x 47 x 16 mm
Power consumption: approx. < 0.7 W
Temperature range: -25 to +70 °C
IP code: IP56 (with design element)
Recommended mounting height: 155 cm

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