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for those who value beauty and the natural characteristics of wood

The room is “warmed” by the natural look of wood. Any space seems cozier and gains character when it has wooden windows. Additionally, aluminum covers are available for wooden windows, which offer countless configuration options and extra resistance against the outside factors. 

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Compared to PVCu, windows with wooden frames are significantly more environmentally friendly. This doors and window framing solution is by far the most ecologically beneficial since it uses wood from sustainable sources.
It takes about eight times more energy to create a PVC window frame than a timber one.

Stunning look on any property

Wooden window frames can be carved, stained, or painted to fit your preferences and blend in with the outside design of the house. While typical PVCu windows would generally last less than 30 years, timber window frames might potentially last for much more years.
Your timber windows can effectively resist stress and strain and last a lifetime if kept correctly. 


 The windows are available in high range of depths of the frame construction -. They are made of four types of wood – pine, spruce, meranti or oak. Wooden windows are also available with an aluminium cover, which provides additional
protection against external factors and provides unlimited
arrangement possibilities.

wide selection of profiles


A wooden front door has several advantages, one of which is how attractive it is. Its historic design may provide your house far more aesthetic appeal than other materials.

Wooden doors are available in a far wider variety of forms than their uPVC or metal counterparts since it is an organic and incredibly adaptable building material. The quality of the workmanship is immediately obvious, which enhances the attractiveness. Furthermore, timber doors make your house look a historic character and are a fine replacement for creating a warm atmosphere.

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