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Thanks to advances in technology, today’s ENERGY STAR certified windows, doors, and skylights offer greater savings than ever before. Just look for the ENERGY STAR label.
Save energy and money.

Replacing old windows with ENERGY STAR certified windows lowers household energy bills by an average of 12 percent nationwide. Lower energy consumption also reduces greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and homes.

How to Take Your Home into the Clean Energy Future
Introducing the ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade

The ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade is a set of six high-impact, energy-efficiency improvements for your home. These upgrades are designed to work together to deliver significant energy and cost savings. They can also help you transition from fossil fuels to a cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable home. On average, a household could save about $500 a year on utility bills with a full ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade.

An air source heat pump provides clean and effective heating and cooling:
Nearly half of the annual energy bill for the typical American household is spent on heating and cooling.

cooling—over $900 annually
An ENERGY STAR certified air source heat pump will help you conserve energy and money all year round because it is significantly more efficient than furnaces and boilers.
Additionally, heat pumps can be used for both heating and cooling, making them a year-round investment.

Extremely efficient water heating from a heat pump:

The second biggest energy consumer in your house is likely your water heater.
Compared to a standard electric water heater, an ENERGY STAR certified heat pump water heater uses, on average, 70% less energy and can save a family of four more than $400 annually.

Using a smart thermostat to set your home’s temperature wisely:

Without you having to do anything, a certified smart thermostat will figure out your family’s preferences for heating and cooling. The temperature is then changed as needed throughout the day to save you energy.
Using a smart thermostat, families with high energy costs can save $100 annually.

Installing storm windows and energy-efficient windows

Windows with the ENERGY STAR certification offer comfort and performance while using less energy.
The national average reduction in household energy costs after replacing old, drafty windows with ENERGY STAR certified windows is 12%.

Insulating and sealing the attic:

In the US, nine out of ten houses are not adequately insulated.
By caulking air leaks and insulating your attic, you can increase your home’s comfort level while reducing your energy costs by up to 10% annually.

Preparing the home charger for an electric vehicle:

Even if you don’t immediately intend to purchase an electric vehicle, there are steps you can take right away to prepare your home for an EV. The future of transportation is electric. You can get ready for this switch to a cleaner, more affordable fuel for transportation by installing the necessary wiring at your home. To reduce your energy costs if you decide to buy an EV, search for an ENERGY STAR certified charger.



Introducing the ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade
Windows have many uses in your home from adding light to making your home more visually appealing. However, old, poorly made, drafty, or degraded windows can waste lots of energy and leave you very uncomfortable when weather is the most extreme. Here are a few big indicators that it may be time to replace your windows.
ENERGY STAR windows come with a label indicating where the product is certified for. ENERGY STAR ratings vary depending on the climate where you live so you get the right balance of comfort and savings. Here are some key window performance parameters to consider before you shop.
How much can I save with ENERGY STAR Storm Windows?

EPA estimates that on a national average, ENERGY STAR certified (low-e) storm windows can save homeowners $350 on their annual heating and cooling bills (about 10%) when installed over single-pane clear glass windows (without existing storm windows). You can expect to pay back the incremental cost of the ENERGY STAR certified storm windows in about three (3) years.

Consumers who already have clear glass storm windows over their single pane windows and replace the storms with ENERGY STAR certified (low-e) storm windows can save an additional $50 per year on heating and cooling (about 2%) on a national average.

How Cost Effective Is Window Replacement?
There are currently Federal tax credits for the cost of insulation (only) for up to 10% of the cost not to exceed $500. Air-sealing products (reduce air leaks) can also qualify, as long as they come with a Manufacturers Certification Statement, including: weather stripping, spray foam in a can designed to air seal, and caulk designed to air seal. The Federal tax credit for residential energy efficiency through December 31, 2021. Learn more about this tax credit.
How Cost Effective Is Window Replacement?

One of the more pricey house improvements is replacing the windows.
A simple yet effective 3 ft. by 5 ft. double-hung window replacement costs around $400 per window, including quality installation.
For premium alternatives like specialty wood finishes, historically correct designs, laminated glass for impact resistance, or extra-strength frames, the upper end of the price range is roughly $1600 per window or more.
The following are a few factors to think about with such a large pricing range:

  • – Not only does replacing your windows save energy, but it also raises the value of your house and makes your home more comfortable.
    Therefore, even if energy savings may not be enough to cover the cost of new windows, a higher home sale price can help you recuperate some of the expense.
    Upgrading windows to ENERGY STAR certified versions, which save more on energy expenses, is often financially advantageous.
  • – It’s crucial to realize that just because a window costs a lot doesn’t necessarily mean it’s energy-efficient.
    Once more, the salesman should give you the SHGC and U-factor performance metrics for each brand of window you’re thinking about to assist you compare goods.
    Reputable salespeople should respond to all of your performance queries and include their responses in your sales agreement.

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