Eco C Equity - Facade system

Great thermal braking

With a visible section from inside of just 18 mm, both in the mulion and the transom, this new system of curtain wall presents a minimalistic and slim aesthetic which provides the building with a total entrance of light. 

The great Thermal Break, combined with its large glazing capacity of up to 50 mm with thick and energy efficient glasses, provide this new range of curtain wall superb thermal and acoustic performance.

The combination of mulions and transoms is compatible with the following systems: C52 TP, C52 SG, C52 TPH, C52 TPV, C52 ST and C52 SST.

» Internal seen section of just 18 mm

» Minimalist and slim look 

» Its mullions and transoms offer, as a result of their joint, an uniform union on the outside face of the curtain wall

» The combination of mullions and transoms is compatible with the following systems: TP 52, SG 52, TPH 52, TPV 52, ST 52 and SST 52

» Glazing

Maximum glazing 64 mm*
Mínimum glazing 6 mm

*Consult us for greater thicknesses

» Sections

Mullion 18 mm
Transom 18 mm

» Profile thickness

Mullion 2,6 mm
Transom 2,6 mm

» Polyamide strip length

6, 12 & 30 mm stackable profiles

» Covers

85 mm deep elliptical cover
H shape cover, 34 mm deep
Rectangular cover:14, 19 100 & 145 mm deep
Pyramid shape cover, 155 mm deep

» Finishes

Powder coating / Anodized
Air Permeability
(EN 12152) CLASS AE
(EN 13114) CLASS RE1500
Wind load resistance
(EN 13116) APT
Thermal insulation (Uf)
Ucw from 0,6 (W/m²K)
Maximum acoustic insulation

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