Eco C52 TP - Facade system

Excellent thermal and accoustic features

A new generation of facade consisting of a base system with an ample range of mullions and transoms that provides answers to the different style and construction needs for architectural projects.

ECO C52 TP facade is a traditional system, also known as the Stick system. The fixing of the glazing to the supporting
profiles is carried out by way of a continuous pressure profile screwed externally to a screw port incorporated in
the mullionis and transoms. The glazing remains fixed at its 4 sides using this profile that is available with seperatiing
gaskets in order to impecie contact between the glazing and the metal.

Great thermal breaking, together with an ample glazing capacity of up to 50 mm with glass compositions of large thicknesses and energy efficiency, gives to this new range of facades many excellent thermal and accoustic features.

» Great variety of mullions (from 16 to 230 mm) and transoms (from 22,5 to 205,5) that solve the different aesthetic and constructive needs of any architectonic projects

» Internal seen section: 52 mm

» Extensive profile range, their mechanical unions allows for all types of façades to be built (vertically, inclined, 90° corners, corners, polygonal) as well as solving large and heavy glazing modulations

» Water tightness elements: drainage pipettes, tear strip gaskets and vulcanized angles

» In order to fix the glass to the supporting profiles, a pressed profile is needed, this profile is screwed to the mullions and transoms, and covered with a embellisher profile (cover profile)

» Excellent thermal and acoustic properties

» Glazing

Maximum glazing 64 mm
Mínimum glazing 4 mm

*Consult us for greater thicknesses

» Opening possibilities

Hidden turn&tilt
Hidden side hung
hidden top hung projecting

» Sections

Mullion 52 mm
Transom 52 mm

» Profile thickness

Mullion 2,1 y 3 mm
Transom 2,1 mm

» Polyamide strip length

6, 12 & 30 mm stackable profiles

» Minimum / Maximum opening dimensions

Hidden Top hung

Min. Width (L) = 500 mm
Min. Height (H) = 650 mm
Max. Width (L) = 2500 mm
Max. Height (H) = 2500 mm

Hidden Parallel Projecting

Min. Width (L) = 530 mm
Min. Height (H) = 530 mm
Max. Width (L) = 2000 mm
Min. Height (H) = 3000 mm

Hidden Side Hung / Turn&Tilt

Min. Width (L) = 500 mm
Min. Height (H) = 600 mm
Max. Width (L) = 1400 mm
Min. Height (H) = 1900 mm
Air Permeability
(EN 12152) CLASS AE
(EN 13114) CLASS RE1500
Wind load resistance
(EN 13116) APT
Thermal insulation (Uf)
Ucw from 0,6 (W/m²K)
Maximum acoustic insulation

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