A89LS - Aluminum Lift & Slide Doors

Smooth & silent slide action operation

The A89LS aluminum door system is an ideal solution for connecting interior space rooms  with the outside balcony, terrace or garden area. Providing both a smooth & silent slide action operation, it can bring the benefits of a beautiful day outside, into the living space. By the way of its design & operation, the A89LS is a great space saving opening & does not encroach the free space beyond the internal or external confines of the frame, without any compromise. Available in two different options, with regard to the level of thermal performance, standard or highly insulated. The design & arrangement of the system profiles enable luxurious openings of large dimensions, accommodating double & even triple glass unit compositions, which in conjunction with the constituent parts & innovative technical solutions, help achieve a high level of thermal & acoustic performance.

☑ wide range of glazing options
☑ multiple configuration options for panels on double, triple or quadruple track
☑ high thermal and acoustic insulation
☑ door automation available

● From 2 to up to 6 panel doors
● Wide range of double and triple pane glazing options
● Enhanced security properties
● Narrow and regular frame options
● Low threshold
● Open corner option
● Possibility to drive the doors with automatic mechanism
● Safe use of even large and heavy doors
● Compatibility with the A86 system
● Wide range of color schemes

Depth of framedouble 6 7/8 – triple 10 5/8
Panel depth:3 1/16
Glazing rangeup to 2 5/16
Maximum size (W×H)
130 x 126
Max weight1323 lbs


Air Permeability
(EN 12207:2000) CLASS 4
(EN 12208:2000) CLASS 7A* / 9A**
Wind load resistance
(EN 12210:2000) CLASS C3* / C4**
Thermal insulation (Uf)
from 0,9 (W/m²K)
Maximum acoustic insulation
Rw=43 dB

*Reference test : Balcony 4,00 x 3,00 m. 2 sashes.

**Reference test : 4,00 x 3,00 m. 1 sash + 1 fixed

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