Eco C Ventilated - Facade system

light facade system

A double light facade system, structural or semi-structural in its external style.

ECO C Ventilated incorporates a 140 mm chamber between the external and internal glazing in order to allow for the natural ventilation of the facade, reducing the thermal transmission towards the interior and achieving large energy efficiency for the building.

Access to the chamber is possible by way of practicable openings that facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

» Internal seen section 39 mm

Mullion 145 mm. Transom 45 & 34 mm.

Projecting opening
Max. Width (L) = 2.200 mm. Max. Height(H) =2.200 mm.


» Maximum weight / sash

Projecting opening 140 Kg. Fixed light 400 Kg.


Air Permeability
Wind load resistance
Thermal insulation (Uf)
Ucw from 0,7 (W/m²K)
Maximum acoustic insulation

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