ECO Composite Panel

Efficient, economic, stylish and sustainable construction

Solution made up of 2 aluminum sheets joined by a core of thermoplastic resins.

ECO Composite panel  with mineral core, has been developed to comply with the highest requirements of the fire current normative. It has a classification A2-s1,d0 according to European Norm EN-13501-1. Ideal for high-rise buildings and places with heavy traffic, such as hospitals, shopping centers, airports, hotels…

Eco Composite panel FR with core made of thermoplastic resins and mineral particles with low contribution to the spread of fire having a classification B-s1 ,dO according to European Norm EN-13501-1. An ideal solution for coating, thanks to its simple maintenance, excellent architectural qualities and unbeatable energy efficiency.

Eco Composite panel PE with core made of thermoplastic resins (low density polyethylene), has a high level of acoustic insulation and resistance to impact, excellent mechanical properties, high rigidity and low weight; gives a large variety of possible applications.


ECO Composite Panel

» Made of 3 external layers of painted PvdF (polyvinyl fluoride) aluminum. It offers great resistance to corrosion, great reliability and durability

» Excellent mechanical properties

» 3 panel types:

– PE – Standard 
(panel thickness 4 mm – Al 0,5 mm)

– FR – Fire retardant
(panel thickness 4 mm – Al 0,5 mm)

– INTDESIGN – Interiors
(panel thickness 3 mm – Al 0,3 mm)

» Panel weight

PE – 5,46 Kg/m²
FR – 8,02 Kg/m²
Interior design – 3,85 Kg/m²

» Fixing systems

CH – Hanging system
SZ – Male-Female system
Riveted system
Glued system

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