S120LS - PVC S Series - Sliding Systems


Supported by the frame profile enclosing the vent frame. The PVC-U lift-and-slide door system S120LS is equipped with newly developed anti-friction gaskets for improved durability and weather tightness.

Integration in the colour range with a large selection of woodgrains and single colour decorative foils means an almost unlimited choice of colours.

Thanks to the high level of system compatibility, windows and doors can be designed uniformly.

S120LS system will allow you to extend the interior by the garden or terrace when simply sliding a glazed leaf to the side. Perfect choice for low-energy and passive buildings.

● triple-insulated threshold eliminates the risk of “cold areas” within the basement zone
● thermilosed frames and wings with a depth of 3 1/4in
● record-low thermal transmittance coefficient Uw = 0.65 W/(m2K)
● maximum construction size: 225 x 110in
● 1/64 in thin seal
● SwisSpacer warm frame
● slim design and maximum sash sizing guarantee comfort and optimal light accessa wide range of products

Depth of frame4
Depth with leaf3 1/2
Glazing rangeup to 2
Maximum size (W×H)126x106
Max weight880 lbs


Thermal permeability of the frame Uf0,90 – 0,76 W/m2.K
Thermal permeability of glass Ug1,1 – 0,5 W/m2.K
Total transfer heat  Uw0.65W/m2.K

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