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Aluclad windows

Picture windows are large, fixed windows that give the appearance of framing outdoor scenery. Since picture windows are non-operational, they are commonly paired with windows that are. Picture windows, due to their size, allow in a lot of warm, natural light and views that are expansive. Additionally, picture windows are more energy-efficient than operating windows of a comparable size because they lack moving parts.
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Fixed picture aluclad windows

 energy efficiency, providing comfort, functionality and safety

Our AluClad wood products are based on frame systems made by ALURON which meet strict requirements of energy efficiency, providing comfort, functionality and safety.

All system frames come powder coated in two finishes: smooth or textured, using a palette of RAL colors.

This system possesses high utility parameters in terms of insulation as well as acoustic and mechanical properties. Its features allow for a wide range of uses. 

Benefits of aluclad windows

Our windows and doors are built to be energy efficient.
Our energy-efficient windows and doors keep heated and cooled air inside your homes, saving you money on your monthly energy bills.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, energy efficient windows offer significant savings.

About aluclad Windows

Aluclad windows are made of two layers of aluminum that are bonded together with a special adhesive. The aluminum provides a strong and durable frame for the window, while the PVC provides a strong seal against drafts and air leaks. This combination of materials makes the window incredibly energy efficient, as it is able to keep the heat inside during the winter and the cool air in during the summer.

Available glazings


Used where no thermal barrier is needed, especially indoors


Standard window and balcony door glazing with increased efficiency starting with Ug as low as 0.18


Passive house high-efficient energy saving, increased security and decreased noise

technical specs


 A seriesC seriesS seriesSteelWood
Thermal Uw values up to0.
Passive option 
Hidden sash  
Nailing Flange  

Max dimensions of
single panel
(in inches)
Fixed window142 x 110142 x 110142 x 110110 x 9871 x 98 ½
Operable window67 x 11859 x 10259 x 10255 x 90 ½55 x 67
Swing doors55 x 11859 x 10650 ½ x 9735 ½ x 94 ½43 ½ x 98 ½
Sliding doors130 x 126157 ½ x 157½118 x 106-128 x 106
Range of glazing panes1 - 41 - 32 - 41 - 32 - 3

Excellent Energy Performance:  fixed picture aluclad windows can reach U-Values as low as 0.65 w/m2k which offers outstanding thermal performance and comfort for your home.



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