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Wood windows

An outswing casement window can be quickly opened with one hand by using a single lever handle operator. Outswing Casement Windows have a side hinge and swing outward. The outward swing movement allows for convenient ventilation without encroaching on a room.

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pw series outswing wood windows

Multiple solution, high performance window system
Eco Windows USA offers multiple window and door styles in top quality laminated wood. Choose from pine, meranti or oak species. We can use stain as a finish or any of the 240 different solid color options from the RAL color palette. As in any other window line we provide, you can choose from wide selection of muntin types. Wood glazing bars are also available in custom configurations and the frames can be cut to both standard rectangular shapes as well as any number of forms including arches, trapezoids, circles and more. All units are custom made allowing for extreme flexibility in design for our clients.

Benefits of wood windows

Wooden frames look beautiful on any property and are very eye-catching.
Compared to uPVC, windows with wooden frames are significantly more environmentally friendly. Because wood is naturally insulating, it helps keep the heat inside your home.
In consequence, this lowers carbon emissions and consequently your electricity bill while maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature in your home.

Our windows and doors are built to be energy efficient.
Our energy-efficient windows and doors keep heated and cooled air inside your homes, saving you money on your monthly energy bills.

In the heat, cold, rain, and sun, wood windows perform significantly better.
They won’t warp or crack like vinyl as long as they are properly sealed, and unlike metal windows, they expand and contract less when the temperature changes.

About wood Windows

The most environmentally friendly window material is wood. Windows today require little maintenance, whether they are PVC-u or factory-finished wood.

They only require a yearly cleaning of the frames and lubrication of the hardware. Factory-finished wood windows will require an initial fresh coat of paint after about ten years, depending on exposure conditions. On the other hand, uPVC windows do not require re-coating but will eventually lose their finish.

The natural insulating properties of wood help to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. To keep wooden window frames in good condition, they need to be weatherproofed on a regular basis.

Available glazings


Used where no thermal barrier is needed, especially indoors


Standard window and balcony door glazing with increased efficiency starting with Ug as low as 0.18


Passive house high efficient energy saving, increased security and decrease of noise

technical specs


 A seriesC seriesS seriesSteelWood
Thermal Uw values up to0.
Passive option 
Hidden sash  
Nailing Flange  

Max dimensions of
single panel
(in inches)
Fixed window142 x 110142 x 110142 x 110110 x 9871 x 98 ½
Operable window67 x 11859 x 10259 x 10255 x 90 ½55 x 67
Swing doors55 x 11859 x 10650 ½ x 9735 ½ x 94 ½43 ½ x 98 ½
Sliding doors130 x 126157 ½ x 157½118 x 106128 x 106
Range of glazing panes1 – 41 – 32 – 41 – 32 – 3

● Chose double or triple pane glazings
● Wide range of acoustic and security glazing possibilities
● Contemporary design
● Glass Corner option
● Variety of lacquer and oil colors
● Tilt first option – free to tilt, key needed to swing
● Hiden hinges available
● True aluminum Clad options in variety of styles


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