Steel doors - bring the design into your interior


Eco Steel doors are a perfect fit for modern interiors. They also add character to loft-style apartments. Their minimalism will enhance the design of your living room or a study.

Choose a solution that meets your needs and taste. We can produce the most demanding designs…

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Options include:

– Folding steel doors
– Inswing or outswing
– Pocket door options
– Loft or traditional style handles
– Multiple glass options (frosted, automatic switchable, mirror and many others)
– Choose from our previous implementations or design your own style
– Textured or smooth finish in any of our 240 colors

Design that meets all requirements
Large, spacious windows in Wall of Glass technology, finished with painted glass which will fit a contemporary designer interior. If this is what you are looking for – you are at the right place. For instance our products, frames of window’s sash – are finished with painted glass in your selected colour, designer handles.
Furthermore we have a huge range of Doors & Windows, with numerous styles and sizes to choose from. Available door types pvc, aluminum, aluclad, wood,, glazed and moulded, as well as fire doors for safety and peace of mind.
What means high performance ?
Most of all – no condensation, no drafts and no cold. Thanks to thick thermal breaks all of our windows achieve superb levels of thermal insulation. Decisive advantages of the maximum insulation are high quality materials, used inside the profile systems, without costly additional measures .