Exploring Window and Door Opening Types

When it comes to choosing windows and doors for your home, functionality is just as important as aesthetics. Lift-and-slide systems offer a versatile solution that combines ease of use with sleek design.

Hinged Windows and Doors: Traditional hinged windows and doors swing open on hinges. While this type is common and familiar, it requires adequate space for the swinging motion, limiting placement options and obstructing pathways in smaller rooms or tight spaces.

Lift-and-Slide Systems: Lift-and-slide systems offer a unique blend of functionality and elegance. These systems feature panels that can be effortlessly lifted slightly off the track, making them easy to slide open with minimal effort. When closed, they provide excellent sealing, enhancing energy efficiency and weather resistance.

Abilities of Windows, Doors and Lift-and-Slide Systems:

  • Smooth Operation: EcoWindows mechanisms ensure smooth and silent operation, allowing for seamless opening and closing.

  • Large Panel Sizes: Lift and slide systems can accommodate large panel sizes, offering expansive views and abundant natural light while maintaining structural integrity.

  • Enhanced Security: engage multiple locking points along the track, providing enhanced security against intruders.

  • Energy Efficiency: Tight seals and high-quality materials contribute to superior energy efficiency, helping to maintain indoor comfort and reduce utility costs.

Whether you’re renovating your existing space or building a new home, consider the versatility and functionality of all EcoWindows systems for your windows and doors. With their ability to combine practicality, style, and performance, they are an excellent choice for modern living.


Fixed window

Inswing casement window

Outswing casement window

Dual Action window

Dual Action window inside view

Dual Action window outside view

inside view

Casement window outside view

Tilt window
inside view

Tilt window
outside view












Single interior view

Single exterior view

Pivot outswing

Pivot inswing

Dual  Action swing mobile mulion interior view

Dual  Action swing mobile mulion exterior view

Lift and Slide doors

Lift and slide 2 pane doors (1-0 )

Lift and slide 3 pane doors (1-1-0 )

Lift and slide 4 pane doors (0-1-1-0 )

Open corner sliding doors

Interior view

Exterior view

Folding doors

Interior view

Exterior view

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