Enhancing Your Home's Aesthetic: The Timeless Appeal of Grilles and Muntin Bars

Grilles and Muntin Bars

Grilles, when used in window and door configurations, have the ability to enhance a wide range of architectural designs. Whether your home features a traditional or contemporary aesthetic, grilles can contribute to its overall character and appeal. With a diverse selection of patterns and styles, you can customize grilles to harmonize with your individual preferences and the unique architectural elements of your residence. Let us guide you in choosing the perfect grille design to elevate the look of your windows and doors.

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Each lite is a separate glass unit, whether single, double, or triple pane. The individual glass units are glazed between dividing muntin bars, creating an authentic, traditional appearance.

Grilles Between the Glass

The grille between the glass is permanently sealed between two panes of insulating glass. Because they are located between two panes of glass, the surface of the window remains smooth, which makes it easier to clean.


Simulated Divided Light offers grilles permanently applied on the exterior of each glass pane, with a spacer in between the panes of glass. This design adds depth and dimension to the window or door, enhancing its visual appeal.

Full Divided Light

True Divided Light, also known as Full Divided Light, is an amazing  construction style where each lite is a separate glass unit, whether single, double, or triple pane. The individual glass units are glazed between dividing muntin bars, creating an authentic, traditional appearance that will make your home look absolutely stunning. Although this construction method is somewhat more expensive compared to other options, it offers the benefit of easier maintenance, so you can enjoy your beautiful windows for longer. In the event of glass breakage, only the affected lites need to be replaced, rather than the entire window glass. True Divided Light windows add a classic, timeless charm to any home or building. However, one limitation of True Divided Light is that the muntins need to be wider to cover the ends of the glass units. This can slightly affect the overall appearance of the window, but it’s a small price to pay for the incredible look!

Simulated Divided Light

Simulated divided light windows offer the best of both worlds: traditional aesthetics and modern convenience. Unlike full divided light windows, which feature separate panes of glass divided by physical muntins, simulated divided light windows utilize a single large pane of glass with muntin bars applied to the surface, with a spacer placed between the panes to simulate the appearance of individual glass units. This configuration gives the illusion of separate pieces while maintaining the benefits of a single, uninterrupted pane. The spacer between the glass not only enhances the visual depth and authenticity of the divided light appearance, but it also improves the window’s energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer. This design approach allows homeowners to enjoy the classic look of divided light windows without sacrificing thermal performance or ease of maintenance. Simulated divided light windows are particularly popular in contemporary homes seeking to evoke a sense of timeless elegance while embracing modern functionality.

Grilles Between Glass

For those seeking a sleek and minimalist aesthetic, grilles between glass offer a seamless solution that is both stylish and practical. In this design, muntin bars are encapsulated within the insulated glass unit, eliminating the need for individual panes or surface-mounted grilles. The result is a clean, unobstructed view with subtle grid lines that add visual interest without overpowering the space.

Grilles between glass are a fantastic choice for those looking for a low-maintenance solution. They’re easy to clean and less susceptible to damage or wear compared to traditional muntin configurations, making them an excellent choice for contemporary homes where clean lines and streamlined design are paramount.

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