Horizontal pivot windows – Another restaurant with Eco Windows

Horizontal pivot windows –  installed in NYC restaurant allow for open space feeling and easy access for cleaning.
Using our Horizontal pivot windows, triple glazed, passive house, certified systems helps every homeowners and designers to achieve energy efficiency in a blink of an eye. We offer passive house windows and doors in aluminum and pvc . From tilt and turning, fixed or awning, to specific and fully customized units.
What means high performance ?
Most of all – no condensation, no drafts and no cold. Thanks to thick thermal breaks all of our windows achieve superb levels of thermal insulation. Decisive advantages of the maximum insulation are high quality materials, used inside the profile systems, without costly additional measures .
What’s the best type of window/door to choose? 
Firstly, the kind of windows you choose, will significantly influence the comfort of your apartment.  Take advantage of our  innovative PVC and Aluminum systems, and select windows or doors tailored to your needs. Our windows protect against overwhelming noise, ensure heat retention, provides healthy ventilation and safety of your children. They are also easy and  comfortable to to use.
Seal out drafts, save money on energy bills and make your space more comfortable.  Reduce noise. By having well-insulated doors and windows, you reduce more than 30% energy loss that was wasted before. Cut down on your energy bills now!
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We also offer design and installation services.

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