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Passive House certified windows

Passive House certified window – P9000

Passive House certified windows – Eco Windows P9000 – State-of-the-art system for windows, doors, and lift-slide doors, with a choice of two or three sealing levels – Great energy efficiency & sound insulation – Narrow PVC frame – Outstanding break-in resistance System with rigid central gasket P9000 is the new central gasket system with a stable bar in the window frame. The central gasket bar effectively protects the mechanical parts in the window from external factors. Central gasket systems stand out for their excellent insulation qualities. Outstanding break-in resistance Even the standard version of the Passive House certified windows P9000 systemRead More

Windows and doors - A86 passive house system

A86 – windows and doors system, designed to offer outstanding insulation properties

Windows and doors without  condensation, drafts and  cold. THE PERFECT SOLUTIONS FOR SAVING ENERGY Using our triple glazed, passive house, certified systems helps every homeowners and designers to achieve energy efficiency in a blink of an eye. We offer passive house windows and doors in aluminum and pvc . From tilt and turning, fixed or awning, to specific and fully customized units.   Most important features: – enhanced energy saving construction, – Offered in three varieties – Trust our long-term experience in production   The BENEFITS Seal out drafts, save money on energy bills and make your space more comfortable. Read More

Eliminate noise  – OITC 41

Eliminate noise – OITC 41

Eliminate noise – our systems, conserve energy  and increase thermal performance. Seal out drafts. Save money on energy bills and make your space more comfortable. Reduce noise. By having well-insulated doors and windows, you reduce more than 30% energy loss that was wasted before. Be a champ! Cut down on your energy bills now! ECOWINDOWS & DOORS Affordable, top performing, European design windows and doors. Diversity of styles gives endless possibilities in architecture design. Extensive library of configurations, product affordability and efficiency, makes ECOWINDOWS  able to supply materials for any type of architectural projects. For instance, frames of window’s sashRead More


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