Aluminum Folding doors

Aluminum Folding doors – Eco C line

Aluminum Folding doors – Extremely large opening options

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Eco windows C fold line system with Thermal Break specially designed to cover large openings.
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– multiple opening/folding options
– open in and open out options
– double or triple pane glazing for extra energy efficiency
– high resistance to water & air infiltration
Why Aluminum?
Aluminum doors and windows offer a energy efficient , sustainable and lightweight alternative, to other conventional materials. For instance aluminium 30% lighter than steel based systems.

Why choose aluminium for doors, windows or building facades/openings? 
Ecowindows (seiries A and C) doors and windows are strong, reliable and highly corrosion-resistant systems. Don’t need regular painting or staining to keep them weather-proof. Aluminum Folding doors  systems can be specified in a range of finishes and treatments to make them extremely thermally efficient, desirable and virtually maintenance free in almost any environment. Aluminium windows and doors are among the best-insulated on the market. The thermal technology used in our products such as in the aluminium frames, outperforms wood competitors for insulative properties.
In comparison to wooden doors or windows, aluminum as a building material is highly stable. There’s no movement in the products that would make windows or doors difficult to operate due to swelling.
Affordable, top performing, european design windows and doors. Aluminum Folding doors conserve energy, increase thermal performance and highly reduce noise. Diversity of styles gives endless possibilities in architecture design. Extensive library of configurations, product affordability and efficiency, makes ECOWINDOWS  able to supply materials for any type of architectural projects.