Patio & Swing Doors Aluminum System

Efficient Construction with ​Ug Value capability of 0.18 – 0.10​

Thermal insulation Uf

from 1,5 (W/m²K)

Air tightness window
(EN 12207) CLASS 4


Wind tightness
(EN 12210) CLASS C5

Due to the specially designed polyamide break and extruded gaskets that are incorporated into the aluminum profile it offers excellent thermal insulation performance with the Uf rate from 0.18. This profile also supports great OITC rating. The system range fits perfectly with our curtain walling and framing products and is appropriate for installation in both residential and commercial buildings. Offer includes Casement, Tilt & Turn and Pivot options. 

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  • 1 or 2 leaf doors open in or open out
  • safety locking
  • steel look like industrial options
  • large size door constructions available
  • hidden sash option
  • secure windows and door options, providing burglar resistance
  • multitude of finish options
  • dual color options
  • glazing up to 60 mm
  • multi-point locking
  • Eurogroove that broadens the choice of hardware available
  • suites with other A series systems allowing total design flexibility and project solutions
  • compliance with CE marking requirements


Depth of frame2.75"
Glazing range15 – 51 mm

Size & Weight Limitations

Maximum size (H×W)H to 94.5 W to 51
Max weight lbs264
Air Permeabilityclass 4
Watertightnessclass E1200
Wind load resistanceclass C5
Thermal insulation (Uf)from 1,5 W/(m2K)

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