Entry Doors - A series

Efficient Construction with U factor capability from 0.12
Thermal insulation Uf

> 0,66 W/(m2K)

Air tightness window

Class 3, PN-EN 12207:2001


Class 6A (250 Pa)

Wind tightness

Class C5/B5, PN-EN 12210:2001

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We offer paneled doors with the UD coefficient of 0.66 W/(m2 K) / UD factor 0.12

Infill panels are included in door leaves based on the A86 system, and come in a variety of colors and structures. The elements can be milled, decorated with applications or made of
insulated glass.

Paneled doors can be fabricated very large and high – up to 55″ wide and almost 102″ high. If, therefore, we dream of an impressive front entrance, this will be the perfect choice.

But above all, the door should fit to the style of your home. If your interior is in traditional style,  take a look at a leaf with glass panels or wooden-like veneer. Fans of modern interior can choose among rich RAL colors pallete.

Choose a door which will create a beautiful entrance.


consstructions of a series doors




Technical specification

Depth of frame3″
Depth of leaf3″
Infill panel thickness1.75″ and 3″


Maximum size (H×W)(W x H) up to 55″, up to 102″



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