Entry Doors - A series

Efficient Construction with U factor capability from 0.12
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Entry Doors

We offer paneled doors with the UD coefficient of 0.66 W/(m2 K) / UD factor 0.12



Infill panels are included in door leaves based on the A86 system, and come in a variety of colors and structures. The elements can be milled, decorated with applications or made of insulated glass.

Paneled doors can be fabricated very large and high – up to 55″ wide and almost 102″ high.

Door should fit to the style of your home. If your interior is in traditional style,  take a look at a leaf with glass panels or wooden-like veneer. Fans of modern interior can choose among rich RAL colors pallete.

Choose a door which will create a beautiful entrance.

Profile range

consstructions of a series doors



Depth of frame3″
Depth of leaf3″
Infill panel thickness1.75″ and 3″


Maximum size (H×W)(W x H) up to 55″, up to 102″