Anti-insect window and door screens SYSTEMS

Insects can be an annoying problem for homeowners, especially in the summer months. Not only can they leave a mess inside the home, but they can also spread disease and cause harm to plants and other animals. A great way to help keep insects at bay without having to use harmful chemicals is to install anti-insect window and door screens.

Anti-insect window and door screens  are  a perfect protection of the building against insects, bugs and pollution from the environment. This allows excellent access to daylight and unhindered air circulation. Structural elements of the mosquito net are made of extruded aluminum profiles, and offered in a wide range of colors. All profiles are covered with powder coating. Mosquito mesh is made of high quality fiberglass in black and grey.

Highest quality materials used for the production make the product extremely resistant to adverse weather conditions. EcoWindows offers three insect screen systems: fixed, hinged and sliding, plus an insect screen that rolls-up “independently”. Due to the fact that all the components are made independently, some details are common to all these systems.


The independent roll-up insect screen system is an excellent and extremely tight solution that secures interior spaces against insects with the possibility of closing and opening at any time. Structural elements of the screen (box, rails, endslat) are made of extruded aluminum, which ensures durability and resistance for many years of use. A special clip helps adjust the height of the mesh closure.

Installing the system to the lintel is very fast and simple, thanks to the aluminum catch, which is also painted in the color of the box. In addition, it is possible to use a restrictor, allowing the gentle and noiseless closure of the endslat to the box.

The system is very practical, especially that it uses, to the maximum extent, other insect screen system components that are offered by Ecowindows. This is a very aesthetic and modern solution, which, thanks to its small box fits perfectly in any recess.


Small-size, semi-oval cassette of extruded aluminum.

Sealing gasket mounted at the top of the box.

Endslat of extruded aluminum with sealing gasket to the windowsill / window frame.

Channels of extruded aluminum with sealing gasket.


This product is a solution designed for use on flushed aluminum windows. The screens are highly aesthetic and are supplemented by high quality details. All of its components are made of extruded aluminum, which ensures resistance to weathering, and a reliable operation of the product for many years.

The frame of the screen can be connected using aluminum inside corners (clamped or twisted), which makes it an aesthetic, color-match to the window frame (it can be painted in any RAL color).

The use of fixed screen does not limit in any way the functionality of the window. Installation is made fast and easy thanks to the use of mounting clips. Screen hooks are compatible with every window systems offered by EcoWindows.

Frame with plastic inside corner (screwed or crimped).

The upper hook allows for easy setting of the screen in the upper part of the frame, which is also equipped with a brush seal that provides full sealing.

Mounting clap helps to easily and quickly set the screen in the windows frame.

The lower hook allows an easy setting of the screen in the bottom part of the frame.


Our hinged insect screen system is a perfect protection of your balcony door against insects. Its rounded, modern frame profile’s shape is a perfect match with window frames available on the market. The frame of the screen is connected, by means of internal aluminum corners, which significantly stiffens the whole structure. You can also choose the way the profiles are connected with the corners (crimping press or grub screws).

Additional reinforcement with joining profile allows to fabricate larger-size frames. The mosquito net is mounted to the window frame or to the reveals using hinges, which have a patented, and very easy to use self-closer overstretch system. A brush seal is added around the perimeter of the frame, this for additional sealing.



What‘s more, it is possible to mount the active mosquito net to an independent structure. Standard screens are equipped with an opening holder or magnets that maintain the screen in closed position. Alternatively, there is a variant with a specially designed joining profile.

Thanks to its modern shape, it acts as a handle allowing opening and close the mosquito net from both inner and outer part of the casement. A cavity slab is located in the lower part of the casement, and protects the screen from opening-induced damages.

The hinge with a self-closer is a simple spring tension adjustment with an Allen wrench. It is also possible to use a hinge on two planes. This solution is protected by a patent.

The upper hook allows for easy setting of the screen in the upper part of the frame, which is also equipped with a brush seal that provides full sealing.

The insect screen is easy to install thanks to the use of inside corner with grub screws.

Two different heights of the cavity slab of in the lower part of the casement protect the screen from opening-induced damages.


Sliding insect screen system is intended for large, glass balcony bays, terraces and verandas. Fly screen casement moves along the upper and lower running rail. In the bottom part, there’s a running roll with a mechanism that allows a smooth adjustment of the inclination angle for each casement.

Wide selection of running rails allows the installation of various types of insect screens on all types of windows and doors, this with a guaranteed, collision free compatibility with external roller shutters.

The shape of the mosquito profile eliminates the need for additional holders. The system uses a restrictor to slow down the movement of the casement in the end position, and a bumper that prevents mosquito nets from hitting the frame of the running rail.

Possibility of installation in “triple system configuration”.

Moving the operable element: this allows to positioning and to protect operable element against falling.

The frame and the operable element of the insect screen are installed using inside corners which are characterized by durability & quality.

Additional reinforcement of the insect screen is installed using snap-fit connection. This allows a quick and easy way to increase the surface area of the casement.



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