Patio Doors - PVC S Series

The perfect solution for saving energy

Thermal insulation Uf
> 1,2 W/(m2K)
 The goal was to develop a sliding system that would allow easy and quiet handling of the door up to a weight of 200 kg. It is therefore possible to produce magnificent formats fitted with heavy triple glazing, at a reasonable price.
With this type of sliding door, the door does not tilt, but extends to the side in parallel. When closed, the sash is automatically pressed against the frame with minimal use of force. Ventilation here is not accomplished by the classic tilting of the sash, but by the special position of the handle, when the sash is not completely pressed against the frame.
A simple sash opening system with automatic pressing when closed, guarantees very comfortable entrance to your terrace or garden.
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  • Economical variant to HS Thermoslide portals

  • Quiet and easy operation with automatic sash retraction

  • Possibility of mikro-ventilation

  • Can be made of up to 4 leaves

Construction depth82 mm
Number of chambers7
Leaves2 – 4
SealEPDM 2x seating surfaces 1x center
Povrchové úpravyDecorative foil /AutomotiveFinish / TopAlu


Thermal permeability of the frame Uf1,1  – 0,76 W/m2.K
Thermal permeability of glass Ug1,1 – 0,5 W/m2.K
Total transfer heat  Uw1,2 – 0,68W/m2.K
The seven closed air chambers inside the frame profile ensure maximum thermal insulation efficiency, which was previously unthinkable without costly additional measures. The patented combined construction of plastic and aluminum reinforces the profiles so effectively that the steel reinforcements used in conventional profiles can be completely omitted. The removal of these “thermal bridges” significantly increases the insulation performance of these frame profiles.
The window made of Alu Inside profile, which is fitted with heavy triple glazing, has a comparable weight as a window with steel reinforcement, which is fitted with lighter double glaze.

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